Spa Mud Rasul at Lea Marston Hotel

Spa Mud Rasul at Lea Marston Hotel

Mud Rasul

This ancient Arabic cleansing ritual is where you apply medicinal Chakra muds to the body whilst relaxing in steam. This is a magical way to detoxify, moisture and exfoliate the skin. This experience is completed with a drenching, refreshing shower.

Mud Rasul Treatment (Detoxify, Moisturise, Exfoliate)

  1. Apply the mud to the body
  2. Relax in the steam
  3. Enjoy the refreshing rainfall
  4. Exfoliate the body

(Approx. 50-60 mins)

Chamber is suitable for a maximum of 4 people and minimum of 2 people
Not suitable for pregnancy.

For two £65.00 / For three £88.00 / For four £95.00

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