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Food and Beverage Supervisor

Food and Beverage Supervisor

You are responsible to the F&B Manager, Restaurant Manager and C&B Manager and a support to the head of departments and assistant managers within the food & beverage department, you are responsible for the food & beverage staff on and during your shift.


To support all HODS’S to ensure the efficient and profitable operations of the food & beverage departments & the delivery of all products and services to a consistently high standard.

To have an understanding and assist with achieving budget & forecasts throughout F&B

Monitoring of all departmental rotas daily to ensure staffing levels are correct with the right support in the right areas

To be supportive of and create a working environment where staff are motivated to ensure the effective completion of their roles and responsibilities and develop their skills.

Assist HOD with staff training & departmental meetings.

Ensure all public areas are customer ready at all times and set up correctly for service.

Minimise conflict within the departments & ensure full integration with other departments throughout the complex.

Have an understanding of GP% and control measures in place to maintain designated GP% and ensure all staff are aware and follow the same procedures.

Provide a polite & professional service, customer focused at all times and proactive in finding solutions for guests.

Be familiar with menus & wine lists throughout food and beverage and attend tasting sessions as required.

Be familiar with products & services throughout the hotel.

Contribute to the development & objectives of throughout F&B and attend and contribute to review sessions.

Present and serve wines

Follow any reasonable request asked by Lea Marston Hotel Management


Maintain restaurant service wage costs within budgeted targets.

Achievement of budgeted wine gross profit.

Minimise departmental expenses.

Completion of designated reports and forecasts.

Control and management of all cash handling for the Bramblings Restaurant.

Minimize all forms of waste, e.g. Crockery, Linen, Food.

Ensure enough physical resources are available to deliver and complete all aspects of restaurant service.

Achieving, retaining and improvement of AA% and IIP Standards.

Achieving the required standard in external health and safety audits.

Monitor staff levels in the Restaurant Manager’s and Assistant Restaurant Manager’s absence.


Develop and maintain constructive exchanges with customers.

Maximise all selling opportunities.

Be familiar with all In-House products.

Be familiar with current menus and wine lists.


Provide support to all team leaders and maintain an open and friendly atmosphere within the working environment.

Propose constructive solutions for customers (internal and external) and take action to deliver solutions.

Assist in the monitoring and continual improvement of quality standards through benchmarking with AA, IIP and through customer feedback.

Maintain designated levels of hygiene in all service areas and stores.

Present food in an appetizing manner.

Receive and assist customers.


Develop, create and maintain effective working relationships with individuals and teams.

Gain the trust and support of colleagues and team members.

Ensure training is given to new and existing staff as required.

Contribute to the recruitment and selection of personnel.

Contribute to the development of self and others.

Attend and organise training sessions and meetings when required.

Be committed to the investors in people standard.

Ensure the assessment of staff against objectives i.e. appraisal interviews are completed.

Develop and maintain constructive exchanges with customers.

Continual development and improvement of all procedures to ensure efficient and profitable operation.


Ensure all policies and procedures necessary under legislation are adhered to and fulfilled.

Carry out risk assessments as necessary under legislation.

Maintain a safe and secure working environment for customers, staff and customers.

Use cleaning material in correct ways to follow COSHH regulations.

Be familiar with staff action plan in case of fire.

Maintain personal health and hygiene.

Ensure you have a working knowledge of all safety equipment and procedures within the complex.

Report any accidents, damage and hazards that you cannot rectify to the proper person promptly.


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Employment Policy

It is the policy of Lea Marston Hotel and Leisure Complex to treat job applications and employees in the same way, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnic, origin or disability. Further, the organisation will monitor the composition of the workforce and introduce positive action if it appears that this policy is not fully effective.

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