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Environmental Policy

Hotel Environmental Policy


Lea Marston Hotel Environmental Policy
1.   Water
  • Guests are encouraged to reuse towels and linen
  • Water saving devices have been installed
  • Conference water is filtered on site
  • Bore holes are used to water golf courses
  • Water blending valves so that water is only heated as needed 


2.   Energy
  • Low energy bulbs fitted Power factor correlation equipment fitted
  • All staff are given specific energy efficiency training and targets
  • Key card heating and lighting controls are being introduced throughout the hotel 


3.   Recycling/Waste
  • Paper recycled
  • Paper waste compacted prior to disposal
  • Waste glass recycled
  • Printer cartridges recycled 


4.   Conservation
  • All brochures available on PDF format from our website
  • Printed items on environmentally sourced material
  • Cleaning products are bio-degradable
  • Over 100 bird boxes have been installed around the grounds with wildlife walk
  • Committed to sourcing produce from local producers 


5.   Community

  • Access for all policy in line with Disability Discrimination Act
  • Encourage a work/life balance culture    
  • Annual complimentary lunch for local residents  
  • Regular donations to local charities and organizations
  • Old furniture and equipment donated to local charity projects
  • Supporting a number of local charities 


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